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Auto Accident Lawyer NYC

Year in and year out, auto accidents happen in different parts of the United States, and New York City, one of the busiest areas in the country, certainly gets its fair share. These accidents result in different kinds of injuries, and in the worst cases, death. In such in instances, a lawsuit is expected to follow in the hopes of receiving compensation for the injuries, damages, or death of a loved one. On the flipside, you may also be the defendant, and having a trusted auto accident lawyer in NYC who can represent you in court is vital.

Regardless of which side of the fence you may be in, you need to find a good lawyer to back you up. Furthermore, there are important reminders that you need to keep in mind to strengthen your case. Here are some of the most common errors that you should avoid at all cost.

  1. Providing false details – One of the first things you should avoid is lying about the details of the accident. Providing incorrect or false details and other relevant information to your lawyer can be detrimental to your case. These details, if proven to be untrue, could forfeit your personal injury insurance claims.

  2. Discussing your case – Another common mistake that you should be aware of is discussing the details of your case to different people outside of your lawyer. People like insurance adjusters, defense lawyers (in case you are the aggrieved party), and jurors may try to get in touch with you. In case they do contact you, divert them to your lawyer.

  3. Posting too much on social media – With today's technology-dependent world, defense attorney and insurance adjusters will also look into your social media accounts to get any detail or information that may be used against your case. Be extra careful when posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram, as they may be used to downplay your injury.

  4. Discarding key evidence – If you are the aggrieved party, you will likely be prescribed some medications by your doctor. Make sure not to throw away the prescriptions, the bottles, the pill bottles, and even the casts that you used, as these items will strengthen your personal injury claim.

  5. Failing to take pictures – Though you may be in pain after an accident if you can still muster enough energy, be sure to take pictures of your visible injuries. You may also get in touch with your lawyer who can send over a photographer to take pictures on your behalf if you are unable to do so. Also, you should also take pictures of the vehicle, especially the damages it incurred during the accident.

  6. Do not admit fault – Lastly, do not take the blame and admit fault to the accident, as this can severely affect your claim. Instead, you need to get a police report and provide a detailed explanation of the incident with some accompanying photos.

Apart from avoiding these crucial mistakes and lapses, you need to find an auto accident lawyer in NYC who is competent and qualified to represent you. Law firms like Goldstein & Handwerker, LLP have extensive experience in handling auto injury and other criminal and civil cases. To learn more about how the practice can help, you may reach their Ney York office by calling (212) 679-1330.


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