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While the legal limit of alcohol in your system varies from state to state, nowhere is it legal to drive while intoxicated. You can be asked to take a blood alcohol and/or physical coordination test at any point by the police during a traffic stop.

Even if you pass these tests, you can still be arrested for driving while intoxicated – called DWI, or DUI for driving under the influence. And if the arresting officers can properly report that you were driving recklessly, or smelled of alcohol, or your conduct was that of an intoxicated individual, you could be convicted by a jury regardless of your test results.

A drunk driving conviction is a serious matter – you could lose your license, pay a large fine and even spend time in prison. It's important to have proper legal representation for a drunk driving arrest – whether to fight the charges or have the charges significantly reduced. Contact us today if you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving – we're here to help.

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