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Perhaps those under 30 years of age do not know of the best attorney ever. He made a shambles of the District Attorney's (DA) conviction rate and he is credited with extricating many clients against insurmountable evidence against them. He was aided by his legal secretary named Ms. Street and his private investigator Mr. Drake and he was, of course, a fictional character. But it is also true that his character was the inspiration to many young people of that day to choose a career in the legal profession.

For most people facing legal difficulties, the “best” attorney is the one that can gain the most favorable outcome and not the one with all the awards hanging on the office walls. High profile cases are far and few between, so it is likely that your case will garner no sympathetic press and the courts will likely see you as a case number and not an individual.

Your “best” attorney is one that will give your case the attention that it deserves, be competent and experienced in cases that are like yours and take a caring professional interest in you as your case proceeds.  At Goldstein & Handwerker you will find all these qualities and more as we have the best defense attorney in NYC.

Steven Goldstein is the managing attorney and has been licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey for over 25 years. His areas of practice are to represent the plaintiff in personal injury cases and defend people in criminal law cases. His experience includes serving as the alternate public defender and as the Mayor in Springfield, NJ. He is a graduate of New York Law School.

Steven's partner is Michael Handwerker who also has over 25 years handling various criminal cases in New York and Federal Courts. He handles the occasional high-profile case, and his focus is a criminal defense for “white collar” and violent crimes.

When a crime is committed, the illegal act is against the “state” and not the individual victim. The famous O.J. Simpson case from 1995 is an example of this as the state of California failed to prove their criminal case against Mr. Simpson. To seek recourse the victim's family proceeded with a civil case and were awarded a lot of money that they are still trying to collect today. Their victory was largely symbolic.

The point of all this is that even with a simple DUI case, your opponent is not an individual but rather a set of laws that you are accused of running afoul of. If you are unfortunate to have been arrested on the heels of a well-publicized DUI case involving a fatality, you might face the court's wrath because of a public outcry and pressure from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Do you want to take your chances in a court of law without experts on your side to fight the legal system?

So, if you find yourself in need of the best defense attorney in NYC or New Jersey area, make a call to 212-679-1330 for New York residents or 973-912-0555 for New Jersey denizens to get the help that you will need.


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