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Criminal Case Defender in NYC

When you have been charged with some sort of crime, you are going to want to have some kind of representation. In most cases, it is going in your best interests to find a good lawyer that has the experience and skill to navigate your case to get you the most favorable result. To know that you are getting the best, you should take your time to research a criminal case defender in NYC and understand all of your options.   

Many people who are in trouble with the law can get a criminal or public defender to represent them without cost, but others may not be able to qualify on a financial level. In such an instance, you will have to think about hiring a private attorney. 

What Is the Meaning Of Criminal Case? 

For common law jurisdictions, a criminal case is one that starts once a person is suspected of a crime. They are then indicted by a grand jury or they will be charged with the offense by a type of government officials like a district attorney or prosecutor. 

What Percentage Of Criminal Cases Go To Trial? 

Defendants will enter a plea for their charges that are brought to them during their arraignment. Out of all of the people who enter a plea, more than 90% of the defendants will plead guilty to their charges instead of going through a trial.

Are Public Defenders As Good As Lawyers?

There are certain advantages to hiring a public defender. This is a person who is appointed to any defendants that are not able to hire a private lawyer that request one to be appointed. These individuals will have various experience when it comes to criminal cases and will have the ability to navigate the system.

What Happens If You Show Up To Court Without A Lawyer?

The best answer to this question is a short answer, and that will depend on your judge. If the judge has issued an order, he/she could hold you in contempt of the court because you did not get a lawyer. While you do have the right to represent yourself or get representation from a lawyer, it is usually in your best interests to hire a good criminal case defender in NYC so that you have a chance.

How Can A Court Case Be Dismissed?

There are many cases the end up dismissed by the court or the prosecutor. The first task of your criminal case defender is to determine if there are grounds that the case might be dismissed before the trial or plea. One of the more common grounds for dismissal will be a lack of probable cause for arrest. 

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