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Khristian Haye Recommends Steven Goldstein

Two years ago I did something very out of my character. I tried to evade the police after a traffic stop. There was a weapon in the car. I took the police on a high-speed chase. When I was arrested I was scared I had ruined my life. I was 19 years old. I was facing a mandatory term of a minimum of three and a half years in state prison. My future looked dim.
Thankfully my brother had used Steven Goldstein for his car accident case. Steven called the State Police immediately and did not let them question me.
I eventually plead guilty to a weapons charge. Steven got all the other charges dismissed. On my sentencing date, I fully expected to be sent to prison. I said my goodbyes. When I got to court Steven looked me in the eyes and told me “you are leaving with me today. “
He had filed motions on my behalf to reduce my sentence to probation. He argued to the judge. He had really gotten to know me and convinced the judge of my good character and how this was a one-time mistake that would never, never be repeated. He spoke passionately on my behalf for ten minutes recounting all the good things I had done in my life up until that fateful day.
After he was done, the judge looked at me and told me that he was persuaded that probation would be more appropriate for me. He granted Steven's request that I get probation.
I can't describe what that moment felt like. I got my life, future and freedom all in that moment. I can't thank Steven enough. I will be eternally grateful for his gift to me. Needless to say if I ever meet anyone who needs a lawyer, I will tell them to call Steven immediately.
– Khristian Haye


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