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NY Personal Injury Litigation

According to Merriam-Webster, the legal definition of personal injury is “an injury to one's body, mind, or emotions” or a broader definition, “an injury that is not to one's property.” Everyone will suffer injuries as we go through life. Most injuries are not serious, so we quickly heal and move on with our lives and any blame is largely self-directed.

This black and white picture begins to turn a bit gray when two or more people are involved and with more serious injuries. When good friends or family members accidentally cause a minor injury to each other, the best solution is to forgive and forget, and any “damages” are a sincere apology or maybe a steak dinner.

But what if the “two or more people” are strangers or dislike each other and the injuries are serious enough to cause a financial hardship to the injured persons? In the case of an auto accident, the highway patrol will first attend to any injured people, clear any blocked traffic lanes and write reports that assess the situation to determine if anyone was at fault. Then the respective insurance companies will fight it out to determine who pays and how much to pay to the respective drivers.

Call for Help When You Need NY Personal Injury Litigation

The time for you to call an NY personal injury litigation attorney like Goldstein & Handwerker is as soon as possible after an accident especially if you are injured. The cost of repairing or replacing your car is small compared to potential medical costs so, if you were in a single car crash, you would need representation to negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company.

Your insurance agent might be your best friend, but the people that will settle the claim for your medical costs have a goal to keep that payout to a minimum, and they likely are very experienced at their job.

You will undoubtedly need representation if you are named as a defendant in any personal injury case and this is especially true where there is no insurance. Your accusers will want to go after your personal wealth.

Goldstein & Handwerker serves the New York and New Jersey area and handles personal injury cases in many areas other than auto crashes including:

  • Transit Injury – Was your bus driver intoxicated when he crashed causing your injuries? Goldstein & Handwerker have experience in operator negligence.

  • Nursing Home and Elderly Abuse – Is Grandma getting the care she needs at her Assisted Living Facility?

  • Premise Slip and Fall – As long as you did not put that banana peel in the grocery aisle, you may have a valid case against the grocery chain.

  • Truck, Trailer, Motorcycle – In addition to car crash cases, Goldstein & Handwerker handles these motor vehicle cases as well.

  • Animal Bites – Did 10-year-old Billy next door provoke your beloved dog Rover?

  • Product Liability & Defective Products – Remember “Buckyballs”? They injured many kids and are a perfect example of why a personal injury attorney is needed.

  • Medical Malpractice – As much as we trust the doctors and medical professionals they do make mistakes that can injure people. This can be very difficult to prove.

If any of these situations apply to you, call Goldstein & Handwerker at 212-679-1330 for New York or 973-912-0555 for New Jersey to schedule a no-cost initial consultation.


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