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Will a Marijuana arrest in New Jersey result in a criminal conviction?

Posted by Steven Goldstein | Feb 10, 2021

With the new law legalizing marijuana in New Jersey, prospective clients are asking me whether or not they will have a criminal record after a marijuana arrest.  The short answer is "maybe."  Depending on the town you are arrested, some prosecutors are still prosecuting these cases, however that number is decreasing all the time.  The New Jersey State Attorney General has advised local New Jersey Prosecutors to halt all prosecutions for the time being.  Many cases are either being dismissed, or are being plead down to municipal ordinances, which are not criminal convictions.

If it is a first time arrest, and you were cooperative with the officer, the odds are more likely in your favor to have a non criminal ending to the case.

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Steven Goldstein was admitted to practice in New York State in 1992.  He was admitted to practice in New Jersey in 1993. His practice areas are plaintiff's personal injury and criminal defense.


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